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competitive intelligence

Nate & Dot identifies, distills, analyzes and synthesizes the disparate bits of market information your firm needs in order to make informed decisions in the areas of firm strategy, business development, and talent acquisition. The type of information we collect and the research we conduct depends on the assignment.  Our research methods adhere to The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ Code of Ethics and are conducted through public and proprietary databases as well as through personal interviews. Sample Projects Include:

Identifying Lateral Partner Candidates
Issue:  A national firm was seeking to expand its patent practice in the area of generic pharmaceuticals and wanted to identify lateral partners with business for multiple offices. 
Solution:  Utilizing patent mapping software combined with market intelligence, Nate & Dot was able to quickly produce a list of viable candidates. 
Assembling a Practice Group
Issue: A national firm was looking to grow a bankruptcy practice to support an expanding book of business.
Solution: Nate & Dot worked closely with the firm’s existing professionals to understand the need and grow the group in a careful and strategic manner.
Building a Local Office
Issue: A Midwestern firm was looking to open a Chicago office and quickly become full service in the new office while complimenting existing practices nation-wide.
Solution: Nate & Dot utilized our extensive network to identify the correct individuals and target practice groups to grow the firm effectively and efficiently.

Introducing Acquisition and Merger Targets
:  A regional firm was looking to grow through the acquisition of a Chicago-based midsize law firm.
Solution:  Nate & Dot gathered intelligence regarding each of the potential targets, including their capabilities, clients, reputations, locations, leadership, culture, technology, profitability, turnover and other topics to assist the firm in its selection of its top prospects.

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