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Don’t you wish you had expert career advice for navigating the complex world you work in today?  I remember the first people who helped me…

Growing up, my paternal grandparents, Nate & Dot, were the first people to show me what an impact one’s ability to build relationships could have on the people around them.  They were of a traditional generation where relationships were forged over coffee and cards and not via email or the Internet.  One of my favorite memories of Dot was the “ice cream parties” she used to throw for me in her kitchen.  The parties consisted only of Dot and me and two scoops of vanilla ice cream.  But it was over those scoops of ice cream that I got to know my grandmother.  I apply those same, perhaps old-fashioned, principles in getting to know my clients and candidates at Nate & Dot.   Today, I spend more time over lunch or a cocktail than over ice cream, but the principle remains the same.  We are able to provide a higher level of service based on carefully cultivated relationships.

My grandparents were, in many ways, ahead of their time. Dot would have loved to have been born several decades later and have had the opportunity to be a doctor or a lawyer. As her granddaughter, I had the opportunity to both practice as a corporate attorney and then to move on to help my clients effectively enhance their careers and foster lasting business relationships.  When assisting a client in better understanding the market they work in or helping them procure the right professional opportunity, I guide my clients just as Nate & Dot held my hand.

And somewhere out there, Nate & Dot are smiling…

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