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Our Recruiting Practice Group at Nate & Dot grew out of our relationships with our clients and
our colleagues in the community.  As our consulting practice expanded, our clients increasingly
relied on us for assistance in growing their organizations via targeted and effective searches. 
At Nate & Dot, we believe that the most effective growth and sustainability models are based
on initiating and fostering exceptional relationships inside and outside of an organization. 
Based on that principle, Nate & Dot consultants employ our network of attorneys,
consultants, colleagues and recruiters to match the best candidates with the best positions. 


  • Successful execution of targeted searches for lateral candidates and groups with business
  • Finding opportunities for candidates that match long term career goals
  • Extensive knowledge of partner-level compensation models
  • Sharing up to date information regarding changing market conditions
  • Vetting quality candidates that meet and exceed client employment needs
  • Providing services that are personalized, confidential and comprehensive
  • Working with clients to strategically build teams and empower individuals so that clients surpass hiring needs and enhance business development prospects
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