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We tried to say it ourselves but thought that a client said it far better than we ever could…

We all know the axiom that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.  With 24 years of real estate experience at DLA Piper, I even understood that when I bought my house I needed to be represented by someone else.  Somehow, however, I assumed that in planning the one thing that keeps my family in our home and my kids supported, I did not need to deal with a professional.  While I hate to think of myself as a fool, my good friends were happy to tell me that I was.  I needed to speak with Jennifer Levin.  And I am here to tell you that am glad that I finally did.

Like most lawyers I avoid the constant harassment by headhunters who know nothing about you but are certain that whatever firm has engaged them at the moment is the one that you must be a part of.  I recently spoke to a friend who worked with a recruiter who never even met him during his process even though they office in the same city. 

My experience with Jennifer Levin could not have been more different.  The first time we met, she just asked questions and listened to me.  Jennifer proved that day for me, and for friends that I have since recommended use her, that she has a real insight into people and the Chicago legal market. Her analysis of my strengths, the market and the firms that I should talk to were invaluable.  Then over the next couple of months she provided the kind of service that I hope I give to my clients.  Jennifer was responsive, called and met with me regularly and made sure that I actually prioritized my goals and my future. Perhaps more importantly she emphasized finding a platform that was exactly the fit that my clients were looking for and they have proven it with their loyalty.

In the end, she introduced me to law firms that were not even on my radar screen and helped me find a new home at a firm that paid me more money, provided enhanced opportunities to earn even more and gave me more responsibility and a leadership role. All this, and I am enjoying practicing law in a way that I have not experienced for years. 
Mark Gershon, Former Partner DLA Piper, Current Partner Polsinelli Shughart

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